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English Language Arts

OUR CURRICULUM:  HMH Into Literature 

Each of the 4 units of study include the following stages: 

  • Analyze & Apply 

  • Collaborate & Compare 

  • End of Unit Writing Task 

  • End of Unit Online Exam 

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HMH Into Literature is the English Language Arts curriculum for all District 20 middle schools.  This comprehensive program is aligned with the NYS Next Generation Learning Standards in ELA and includes culturally responsive text and topics.  

In line with the mission and vision of Arts Off 3rd, the Arts Department will engage in thematic explorations. The students will see content connections with other core subjects, as well as interdisciplinary strategies. 



  1. Discovering Your Voice 

  2. Never Give Up 

  3. Finding Courage 

  4. Through an Animal's Eyes



  1. Reality Check 

  2. Take Control 

  3. The Terror and Wonder of Space 

  4. Inspired by Nature 



  1. Gadgets and Glitches 

  2. The Thrill of Horror 

  3. Places We Call Home 

  4. The Fight for Freedom 

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