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The Music Department

Music is a Language

Students will become fluent in the language of music through reading, writing and performing using musical notation. Through the use of a system of symbols students will represent their creativity in both composition and performance. In addition, students will apply their knowledge of musical notation and subject-specific vocabulary to analyze and interpret music.

Orchestra conductor on stage

Through adversity, music never fails

Writing Music

Music Instruction is Differentiated

Musical concepts will be presented to children through various modalities to differentiate learning, including aural, visual and kinesthetic experiences. MS 936, Arts Off 3rd ultimately focuses on music making itself as the most vital learning experience, including singing, moving, instrumental performance, improvisation and composition.

Music Builds Community


Music education enables student groups to establish a sense of community through group classes, rehearsals and performances.  Students will perform for and engage their peers, teachers, parents, administrators and staff as part of the performer/listener partnership.  

In the recent COVID19 times, many people have used music as a way to express emotion throughout their community. Please take the time to listen to two young boys, quarantined in their home in Sicily, Italy.

 Community Uplift Click Play 

12-year-old twins play violin concert inArtist Name
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