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A School Where The Arts Meet Education!

Our Academic Vision

Arts Off 3rd will prepare our students with the tools they need to be creative, productive citizens that understand their worth as unique critical thinkers in our ever-changing society. The arts allow students the opportunity to become collaborators who possess strong interpersonal skills and celebrate diversity and expression. We will provide students with a strong foundation that is unique unto itself due to its emphasis on teaching the whole child through music, dance, visual arts, and theater. Our students will be able to face the rigorous demands of college readiness with a specific skill set only obtained through a quality education and full immersion in the arts at a developmentally integral age.

This is the logo for the school. Arts off 3rd.

The Arts Provide a Pathway for Social and Emotional Growth

Our Social and Emotional Vision

  • Embrace a culturally diverse learning community.   

  • Promote strong teacher-student relationships.

  • Believe that the arts are the foundation to teaching the whole child.

  • Commit to strong family ties to support both our students and community we serve.

  • Create self-expression through the arts.​

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