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The Science Department

Amplify Science NYC

Amplify Science New York City Edition is based on the latest research on teaching and learning, helping teachers deliver high quality, literacy rich instruction and enabling students to take the role of scientists and engineers to solve real-world phenomena every any.

Image with the word Amplify, image supports the type of science curriculum

In an Amplify Science New York City Edition classroom students:

Collect evidence from a variety of sources.

  • Hands-on investigations.  

  • Physical models

  • Interactive digital simulations

  • Scientific texts

  • Media (including video clips, photographs, maps, and data sets)

Make sense of evidence in a variety of ways.

  • Highlight and annotate texts

  • Weigh the strength of scientific arguments

  • Analyze trends in data sets

  • Manipulate variables and record observations from digital simulations.

  • Discuss ideas and questions with classmates.

Formulate convincing scientific arguments.

  • Use evidence to support claims.

  • Construct and revise models and write sophisticated explanations.

  • Evaluate the strengths of competing claims.

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