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The Visual Arts Department 

Art is integral to the human experience!

Visual arts are creations that we can see rather than hear. Visual arts include mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, printmaking, ceramics, graphic design, video and film making. Many of these pieces of art are created to stimulate us through a visual experience. When we look at them, they often provoke a feeling.

A Jackson Pollock painting.

Jackson Pollock was a famous abstract artist that used various mediums to create thought provoking pieces.

An Andy Warhol painting of Mickey Mouse

The mission of the Visual Arts department is to

introduce students to the basic fundamentals like painting, drawing, ceramics, photography, film, sculpture, printmaking, i stop motion, and multimedia (art and technology). Our young artists will then compare their efforts to the iconic works that have defined civilizations. The goal is to show our students how art is not simply an accessory to life, but is in fact an accurate mirror into our past. We want to show them that culture is created by individuals, individuals just like themselves.

Andy Warhol was a famous New York City contemporary artist that used pop culture and bright colors to make a statement about our world.

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