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M.S. 936 Arts Off 3rd
Visual Arts Program 
Students are encouraged to explore their personal voice and sharpen their artistic skills through mediums such as drawing, ceramics, painting and sculpture.  Below you will find 3 activities for students to complete for the portfolio.
Once you have added our school to your application, please upload your Visual Arts Portfolio to your account under the "additional materials" tab. 

Visual Arts Rubric  Translations:  Spanish    Chinese
Visual Art Compare and Contrast Rubric       Translations:  Spanish    Chinese
Observational Still Life Drawing 

  • Using the picture below, create a drawing that is a realistic representation. 

  • Materials needed: 9x12 drawing paper and color pencils.

  • Please use the entire page and use shading to enhance your drawing.  

  • We will be assessing the line quality and proportions of your work.


A Themed Drawing from Your Imagination (using color) 

  • Materials needed: 9x12 drawing paper, #2 graphite pencil, and colored pencils.

  • Choose 1 drawing prompt from the choices below.

  • MUST use color.

 Drawing Prompt Options:
Illustrate a scene from your favorite song. (Landscape/Perspective)
Draw the view out a window. (Landscape/Perspective)
Draw a scene or character from your favorite book. (Imagination)
Draw an old pair of shoes (Still Life)
Draw a fruit or vegetable that has been sliced open (Still Life)

Compare and Contrasting two Artworks:
Students will compare and contrast two different artworks, writing at least two paragraphs.  

  1. How are these pictures similar? 

  2. How are they different?

still life 1.jfif
2023_2024 Compare-contrast: The Great Wave off Kanagawa

The Great Wave off Kanagawa

Artist: Katsushika Hokusai

Created: 1831

2023_2024 Compare and Contrast II - The Starry Night

The Starry Night

Artist: Vincent van Gogh

Created: June 1889–June 1889

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